Managed Forex Accounts

Managed Forex Accounts is a tool to diversify your investment portfolio. Most popular way of providing Managed Forex Accounts is through PAMM. 99% of Forex brokers provide PAMM account technology, but only some of them have public list PAMMs, where you can choose and compare managers.

There are thousands of traders offering their management services through PAMM Ratings, Autotrading platforms and their own websites, but only few survive in long term. Considering the fact that 98% of traders on Forex loose their complete investment, 1.5% is break-even and only 0.5% makes living out of it, Managed FX products could be not the last option to choose when getting involved with Forex. Of course same statistics applies to all managers and to find something serious is a big challenge, but this is the main reason why we all are here.

Managed Forex is a tough and competitive industry and sometimes retail traders and investment companies compete for same clients. For your convenience we will cover both retail and institutional directions of industry.