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Why Managed Forex Accounts?

Managed Forex Accounts is a useful tool to diversify your investment portfolio which will decrease your total risk exposure associated with trading and Forex itself.

The main advantage of investing in Forex products is that you do not have to spend time on market research, analysis and developing trading systems on your own, which is very time consuming process and mostly leads to failure of creating profitable trading approach. Forex is very attractive OTC market indeed, but the reality is that most people are or losing their funds or are at break even. On our website we have collected Forex Money Management offers which in our opinion will provide you higher profitability expectation than average traders have.

In our business model we are not allowed to collect funds. Your account is opened at broker of choice under your name and is traded through PAMM or as separately managed account.

Our Managed Forex programs

Our Managed Forex programs
Liontech Fund Description An Account Management service provided by former institutional trader with over +500% gain and 23 out of 28 profitable months. Low frequency trading strategy with controlled risk and exceptional performance. With minimum deposit of only 5000$ you can participate in PAMM Account.
Our Managed Forex programs
Description Professionals of discretionary and automated trading. Conservative and high frequency strategy with several sub-systems is used to reach outstanding long term results and controlled risk. With minimum deposit of only 5000$ you can participate in our PAMM or to invest as separate account. Advantages

  • Full transparency on all activities
  • Extensive experience of managers
  • Low minimum participating levels
  • Trading with ECN/DMA broker
  • Daily and monthly performance reports
  • Fund safety with AAA+ grade broker
  • Clients have full control over their funds
  • Fast and professional client support
  • Consistent and competitive performance
  • Your account is always monitored by manager
  • Diversification with alternative invesments
  • Controlled risk levels on trades
  • Respectful attitude to clients
  • Strong connections with largest companies
  • We provide full confidentiality and privacy
  • Maximum commitment and efficiency

We aim to provide our clients with top notch support and full transparency of what we do. We never hide any fees, you can find completely all information on Forex Investment programs offers pages. If you have questions regarding any of particular offer, please do not hesitate to contact us – we usually answer within 24 hours.

As for our traders – we search for best in the world. Usually these are institutional level traders with very high minimum entry levels. We negotiate lower entry minimums by providing large amount of small account as one big, through PAMM system.